Friday, March 13, 2015


So its Lace and Denim kind of day, well I've always been in love with denim, got several in my closet and recently with lace too, Lace is too feminine while Denim kinda has that andro feel, and mixing them for me exudes a nice story haha. Anyways my friends and I decided to go out to study, like finally! we decided to study for finals haha, that's so rare ! So we were so enthusiastic going to a random cafe, but i don't know what happened, coz we just ended up eating and studying at a common fast food chain, like what the heck. But it's okay we get to study few lessons tho. 

I know Selfie and Studying is so not a good idea haha, but I can't help it, So i took a couple of minutes for the photo shoot and then the rest of our time for study, Had fun with my dorky friends in Abreeza Mall of Davao.

A.V.H Jeans Co. Denim Blazer / Etam White Lace Top / Join Vintage Bag / Uniqlo Stretch Pants / MGE Red Flats/