Thursday, March 12, 2015


"Loving you is red" , haha i don't know but there something about red that is so shmexy to me? what do you think? Yeah, every time i see  red clothes, I'm like "aww so seductive ", but of course it depends on the shades, Coz there are shades of red that exudes fun and love and there are shades that kinda has a feeling of sexiness and lust lols, and that's my type of red.  So, I decided to go all black yesterday , and its the Red blazer that made my look cool right? I'm actually into Monochromes lately with a pop of any color to make it interesting. Hey noticed my hair? I had curls yesterday and I think i don't look bad on it, So I'm planning to have curls more often haha. 

The whole look actually is a bit off in the morning coz the sun's up and I had to act like I'm not feeling hot at all haha, I had to make people around me think I'm really comfortable wearing layers in that kind of weather. But everything was perfect in the afternoon! hoho, it was gloomy and breezy so yeah I was having a great time with my bishie roaming around the city, wait. that rhymes haha! 

So are you a blazer type of person ? Do wanna know where to find blazers that suits your personality ? why don't you contact me on facebook and lets talk about it. So i gotta go now ! toodle .

West Win Red Blazer /  Uniqlo Dark Pants / Forever 21 Black Sando / Pixy Black Bag / Dawoori Black shoes /