Even normal people like me get questions from people, so i've got answers for them too lol, so here's some frequent crazy questions i always get from time to time.

UNSAY TRIP NIMU ? NGANONG ANA KA ?  ( what are you up to ? why are you like that ? )

haha! i get this like almost all the time, so here's a qoute for that question, " Do more of what makes you happy " . So basically I'm doing the things that I am doing because it makes me happy, Everybody deserves to be happy right ? So if they ask me why I am like this, I am like this because just like everybody else in this world i wanted to be happy.

ASA NIMU GINA HUGUT IMUNG CONFIDENCE ? ( where do you get your confidence ? )

Well to be honest, 80% of my confidence everyday comes from what I am wearing, so i think it would be better to ask " Where do I get my clothes " haha! but seriously, Confidence is already within us, So I don't really have to find it elsewhere but in me, I basically just let it all go, I'm not minding  the fears, like what if they laugh at me? what if like this? what if like that? and what the fck ? ahaha ! I just cut all the "what ifs" and free the confidence in me. 

NGANUNG DAKO MAN KAG AGTANG ? ( why do you have a big forehead ? )

haha, yeah i get this a lot too, but come on? don't ask me, asked my mom here's her contact number 0908956413# hahah ! So you people have already heard about genes right ? or you might wanna  google it lol.


Well I don't really have a style, everything depends on my mood, but I'm often feminine, sometimes androgynous ,occasionally rugged and  swaggy hoho. So basically I'm still figuring out my own style. 


So , I'm just using Picasa for minimal adjustments haha, Sometimes PicsArt then Photoshop in cases that i wanted to achieve epic effects.

(why did you took Architecture? you should have taken Fashion Design )

Well, though I love fashion more than Architecture it doesn't mean I don't love Architecture, there's a big difference between less love and no love at all , My love for Architecture is lesser but the love I have for it is fair enough to make it a career. I am going to continue Architecture because I wanted to be a professional Architect, and plus if I'm already established in that field, It wouldn't be hard for me to go on fashion industry anymore.

NGANU SINGLE GIHAPON KA ? ( why are you still single ? )

Uhm , that thing called " paranoid mama " ? Hahaaha ! But aside from that ive been looking for electrical reaction i mean spark  between me and somebody, i just can't find it yet i don't know lols . But I know my future boyfriend is on his way haha .