Hi I'm Debbie, the socially awkward girl behind The Crappy Debbie. Obviously I'm addicted to fashion it's like breathing for me, I can't live without it. Since kiddo I've been surrounded with clothes, I've been blessed with a Mom who always gives me good clothes, so basically that's the reason why I'm in love with it, I'm going to be forever in a relationship with it. 

Then, I was so boyish it reflects on the way I dressed. I wear tank tops and cargo shorts most of the time, same fashion as my dad. But as i grew up my taste grew with me. I later on appreciate all the girly things in life, I've changed a lot. But that doesn't mean I limit myself to everything feminine. I still wear anything depending on my mood. That background made me the person I am today and with the help of fashion magazines, blogs and television shows I can say that I am more stylish and much more creative with clothes than I ever thought possible. 

I'm not playing fashion expert here, and I will never claim that I am, I'm just being the girl who's confident with her style. 

I love architecture too, but not as much as I love fashion. like what I've said Fashion for me is breathing, while Architecture is eating. I can definitely last a day without eating, but I'll die if I don't breathe haha. 

I'm sporty too ! I do almost all sports except swimming and golf ?, I'm actually a Captain Ball in our softball team when I was in highschool, I like dancing, singing and occasionally play the guitar. When I'm bored i write poems, make  comic strips, compose songs. I'm super random. 

I love to experiment with food, that's why I always end up in the rest room. I'm soo weird like sometimes I stare at strangers until they feel awkward haha! 
I love Romantic Comedy movies, coz thats actually my relationship goal, I'd like my partner to be romantic, and i got the comedy covered coz I'm a joker. aww .

wait , I talk about myself too much already, okay then that's some parts of me. 


Now, that's my family, they're actually the amazing beings behind the encouragements that pushed me to do the things that i really want to do, if it wasn't for them I don't know where would I be, They're my inspiration, my support team , they're everything that a family should be.  If my dad's here he would probably tell me things to boost me, but i know he's cheering for everything that I am doing in heaven. 

And these beings are forever my strength, and my motivation to reach my dream .